Bruce Ferreira-Wells, B.A., RCIC

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

President, Director and Senior Counsellor of Ferreira-Wells Immigration Services


Bruce Ferreira-Wells is the President, Director and Senior Counsellor of Ferreira-Wells Immigration Services Inc., and graduated from the University of Toronto. He worked for both the Ontario and Canadian Governments for a total of 18 years, most recently as a Canadian Immigration Officer, Immigration Counsellor, and Citizenship Officer. He left The Canadian Government in 1995 and established his immigration consulting practice which continues to grow and provide immigration guidance and assistance to thousands of clients worldwide.

He has been a Member of the Organization of Professional Immigration Consultants (OPIC) since 1996 and was elected to its Board of Directors in 2002, where he served on the Membership and Inland Committees, and represented OPIC at a recent CICIP meeting in Ottawa. He still actively serves the immigration consulting community.

He has travelled widely to meet new clients and to present Immigration seminars in numerous cities from Moscow to Mexico City and volunteers monthly to assist people, pro bono, with immigration problems at community centres in Toronto. In April 2004, he was among the first hundred registrants listed with the former regulatory body Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants, CSIC, and is now a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council ICCRC.

Bruce is also Director of TSCC #1475, Director of Ferreira Holdings Ltd., and past Director of the Toronto Chinese Community Services Association and the Toronto Chinese Endowment Fund.

On a personal level, Bruce was elected to the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto in 1995, where he spends his rare leisure time with the Canadian arts community.


Bruce… WOW …What more can we say. 
Thank you so much for your integrity, honesty and guidance. … Thanks for everything; you are a blessing to those who need your service.

Clive, Maria & Justin


We received direction and advice from Bruce that proved to be critical (how to deal with the interview, and what to do in case things didn’t go well). … As I write this my partner, now my husband, is sitting a few feet away from me smiling.