Claudia Tolea, B.A.

Manager, Ferreira-Wells Immigration Services

Claudia Tolea, our Manager, Immigration Services, has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Letters and History in Craiova, Romania, and an Assistant Immigration Practitioner Certificate from CITA. Since 2001 Claudia has worked extensively in all areas of Canadian immigration, including status extensions, work and study permitsvisitor visas, LMIAs, Family Class sponsorshipsCanadian citizenshipPermanent Resident CardExpress EntryCECSkilled worker and self-employed applications.

Claudia began her career in immigration back home, working with a Canadian immigration lawyer. Her goal was to help people immigrate to Canada so they could enjoy a better life. This gave her the idea of doing the same for herself. She immigrated to Canada thinking that she might not be able to continue in the same field, and was happy to discover there was still a need for her services.

Soon after having arrived in Canada, she started working with a senior Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant for two years before joining our team at Ferreira-Wells Immigration in 2006. Claudia enjoys being able to make people happy by helping them reunite with their beloved ones, listening to their tales of hardship, giving them advice and in the end, being an integral part in their journey to Canada.

On a personal level, Claudia has a cooking blog and is writing a cookbook sharing her love for cooking and baking. Claudia believes she is very fortunate to have a large, wonderful family back home, and a great and supportive husband and young son in Canada.


Claudia .. You are AWESOME! We love you. You are fantastic. Maria and I will never forget what you have done for us, the many e-mails back and forth, the professional attitude you gave us through our application, getting all those documents aligned, etc.

Clive, Maria & Justin


We benefitted from the detail and care put into our application and file by Claudia and Gus. No objective person could dismiss it as anything less than a rock-solid file.

KK & CS, Toronto