Tony M. Ramjewan

Tony Ramjewan, Internet Integrity Officer

Tony M. Ramjewan joins us in the role of Internet Integrity Officer – Social Media, where he plays a pivotal role in our efforts to combat identity theft and fraud perpetrated by unauthorized agents posing as our company and our consultants. These fraudulent individuals target immigration consumers with counterfeit visa offers for non-existent programs.

Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, Tony’s entrepreneurial journey includes managing his own successful hospitality enterprise. Furthermore, his tenure in a Telecommunications firm, where he oversaw promotions and internet security across the Caribbean, has honed his expertise in safeguarding against digital threats.

While Toronto serves as his primary residence, Tony’s heart remains tied to Trinidad, where he spends quality time with family. Beyond his professional endeavors, Tony is renowned for his culinary prowess and dedicates his time to charitable causes, notably volunteering at a children’s orphanage.

With his blend of investigative acumen and internet savvy, Tony seamlessly integrates into our firm, fortifying our defense against online fraud in this critical role.