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Canada is a Beacon of Hope for Rainbow Refugees

Rising Requests for SOGIE Asylum in Canada

Ferreira-Wells Immigration in CBC News

At Ferreira-Wells Immigration Services we have observed a noticeable uptick in asylum claims related to sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression (SOGIE). Many of these individuals come from African nations like Uganda and Kenya, where 2SLGBTQ+ rights are being rolled back. There are also many refugees from Russia who fear being outed if conscripted for the war in Ukraine.

Advocacy groups like Rainbow Railroad report an 80% increase in requests for assistance from LGBTQ+ people globally since 2021. Similarly, Rainbow Refuge in Edmonton has experienced a tripling of its membership, as gay newcomers seek legal services, counseling, and housing support.

We were recently interviewed by CBC News to give insight into the increasing number of LGBTQ+ refugees seeking safety in Canada, largely due to the escalating crackdowns on LGBTQ+ rights in various countries around the world.

For a detailed look into this issue, you can read the full CBC News article here.

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