Sponsor Family in Canada

Canada Family Reunification Programs

Canada offers several family reunification programs, catering to diverse familial relationships and circumstances:

Family Sponsorship Program

Eligible sponsors can bring spouses, common-law partners, dependent children, parents, or grandparents to join them in Canada. Aiming to maintain strong family ties, this program emphasizes the importance of family unity in fostering successful immigrant integration.

Super Visas for Parents or Grandparents

This program allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to bring their parents or grandparents to Canada on a long-term visitor visa. It provides an option for extended visits, enabling family members to be together while respecting immigration regulations.

LGBT Same-Sex Canadian Immigration

Canada recognizes and supports family reunification for same-sex couples, providing equal immigration opportunities. LGBT individuals can sponsor their same-sex partners, fostering inclusivity and reflecting Canada’s commitment to diversity.

Family Sponsorship Programs

   Sponsor your family member and reunite with them in Canada.

Super Visas

Bring your parents or grandparents to Canada on a long-term visitor visa.

LGBT Partners

Sponsor your same-sex partner to join you in the inclusive country of Canada.

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