Humanitarian & Compassionate Class

Humanitarian & Compassionate Class (H&C) Immigration

The Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) Class in Canada is an immigration pathway for individuals who do not meet the regular requirements for immigration but can demonstrate compelling humanitarian or compassionate reasons to be granted special consideration.

Humanitarian & Compassionate applications are unique, in that they have the ability to cover special circumstances where the applicant is often in Canada already, and would face undue hardship if required to apply for Immigration in their home country. Often they are unable to leave Canada for reasons beyond their control. Their stories and circumstances are as unique as the individuals themselves, and each one needs to be handled with care. We start with lots of listening, and invite you to tell us your story.

If you feel that you might have reasons to make an application under Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds, let us know. If you are ready to fill out our detailed questionnaire please complete the following brief Humanitarian Class Assessment Form so that we can review your situation. We will get back to you with the next step. All inquiries are confidential.

H&C Requirement

You must provide strong evidence of unique and compelling circumstances that justify special consideration. These circumstances may include family separation, the best interests of a child, or personal factors that make it particularly challenging for you to return to your home country.