Post-Graduate Work Permits (PGWP)

For International Students in Canada

You’ve applied yourself, you studied hard, and you’ve succeeded in your education goals – congratulations!

Now that you have completed your post-secondary program in Canada as an international student, you may be eligible to pursue Canada’s Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) program. This program offers you the chance to gain valuable work experience in Canada for a designated period after completing your studies, enhancing your skills, and potentially lead to a pathway to permanent residency. Canada is not just a place to study – it’s a place to succeed.

The PGWP is a fantastic opportunity provided you, as an international student, have recently completed a qualifying program of study in Canada.


To be eligible for the PGWP, you must have completed a program of study at a “Designated Learning Institution” (DLI) in Canada. The program must be a minimum of eight months in duration for you to qualify.

We will discuss your eligibility first based on your recent education history as a prerequisite to apply. Not all designated learning institutions and not all programs of study make you eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program.

The length of your PGWP depends on the length of your study program.

  • For programs less than two years but at least eight months, the PGWP will be issued for a period equivalent to the length of your program.
  • For programs two years or longer, you could receive a PGWP for up to three years.

Your Pathway to Permanent Residency

Gaining Canadian work experience by having a PGWP can enhance your eligibility for permanent residency programs, such as the “Canadian Experience Class”. This makes the PGWP a crucial step towards building a life in Canada.

Applying for a PGWP involves submitting the necessary documents within 180 days of receiving your final grades. In most cases, you can start working immediately after the submission of your application depending on your current status as a student.

This is your one chance to get it right! Sadly, even a tiny oversight or error can deny you this work permit, and you’ll often find out after it is too late.

Canada’s Post-Graduate Work Permit program is your ticket to a world of opportunities. Not only does it allow you to work and thrive in a culturally rich and diverse environment, but it also serves as a steppingstone towards your aspirations of building a life in Canada. Embrace the chance to continue what you’ve started in Canada – a nation that celebrates diversity and empowers international talent. Your journey awaits!

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PGWP Benefits

Post-Graduate Work Permits
Post-Graduate Work Permits

Gain Work Experience

The PGWP allows you to work in Canada for up to three years after completing your studies. This valuable work experience can help you kick-start your career and build connections in your field.

Enjoy Canada

The PGWP offers you a chance to explore Canada’s diverse provinces, experience its rich culture, and contribute to its thriving economy while honing your professional skills.

Work as You Wish

The PGWP is an open work permit, meaning you’re not tied to a specific employer or location. You have the flexibility to work for any eligible employer across Canada and even change jobs during the permit’s validity.