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Consultations – Terms and Conditions

Initial Consultation Agreement Terms and Conditions  

Ferreira-Wells Immigration and David LeBlanc RCIC – IRB are leaders in providing the highest quality caring immigration service to their clients worldwide since 1995. We appreciate your trust, and look forward to helping you in your Canadian Immigration journey.   

Below are our terms and conditions for all consultations, along with full details on how to book your consultation. When you make your payment, you get a transaction receipt at the same time we see your payment. We will book your consultation as soon as we see your payment arrive.

1) Prepare for your Consultation  

In case you have a specific immigration matter already active, or are here in Canada now, it would be helpful for us to know, via reply email:

  • what your current circumstances are,
  • if you are here in Canada now,
  • if you have already begun an Express Entry profile, date profile created, your CRS Score was, and
  • what help you might need specifically if it is not just an assessment of eligibility, and
  • email us any letters from IRCC or CBSA that affect your application that we should consider.

To complete booking your appointment, we ask that you first visit our website and complete a brief assessment form within the next 48 hours, before your consultation time, for either Federal Skilled Worker or Family Class Spouse/Partner (below). These two forms are the most frequently used and will answer most of the questions we need to assess in our review with you. For other categories, we will email you the correct assessment form.

Please note the FSW form gathers general information for a broad range of programs, and some sections may not apply to you directly. Please leave blank any sections that either do not apply, or homework that you have not done as yet, such as ECA education credential assessments, or language tests.

2) Book your Consultation (Toronto Business Hours)

After you have completed and submitted the assessment form, please email or call Claudia or David Greer by hitting Reply All.

We ask that you book your consultation with us within the next 10 days. For those outside our Toronto – Eastern time zone, please be aware of any time zone difference and Daylight Savings Time and propose meeting times in Toronto – Eastern time only, not your local time.  

Please let them know your availability, offer more than one day and time slot, and they will schedule your consultation with us between Mondays to Thursdays 9 am to 4 pm Eastern – Toronto time. We do not consult with new clients on Fridays.

3) Choose Your Preferred Connection Method

We provide several options for our meeting:

  • In Office: Ideal if you’re in our area or planning a visit.
  • Telephone: Call us at the appointed time by dialing 1-416-651-8889
  • Skype: Our Skype ID is :  ferreirawellsimmigration – please open Skype and search for that ID, tag – invite us prior to your appointment time, so that we see you at the top of our chat list.
  • Zoom/MicroSoft Teams/Google Meet: Please send us a meeting invite link in advance of the meeting time.

Time Zone Considerations:

Kindly consider our time zone, which is based on Toronto – Eastern time. When proposing meeting times, align them with this time zone for smoother coordination.

Initial Consultation Agreement  

Undertaking: My providing information and booking an appointment constitutes my digital signature and agreement to the terms below as if I had signed this Service Agreement digitally or in ink.

Length of Consultation: most sessions are approximately one hour in length overall, including an advance review of your profile, and a summary recap report to you via email after our time together.

Counsel: You will be meeting with David LeBlanc, our Managing Director and Senior Counsel, who is a fully accredited senior RCIC – IRB, a member of CICC – College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants, and Member of CAPIC – the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants

Scope: Consultations are designed to assess eligibility in major programs, identify key issues and solutions to existing immigration challenges: for one applicant or family, and are not intended to be counselling sessions for those who intend to proceed on their own, unless retaining for file review.

Accepting clients: We will only accept you as a client if we feel you have a good chance at having a successful application. If there are major obstacles or ineligibility, we will counsel you on what can be done to be eligible in future, and will not allow you to retain us.

Guarantees: In keeping with best ethical practices, no firm can guarantee you success – all decisions are made by IRCC – Canada Immigration – and our role is to allow your case to be presented in the best positive light.

Booking time limit: We ask that you send in your assessment form – questionnaire within 48 hours of today, and prior to your consultation time, and to book your consultation within 10 days of today, unless an exception is requested by email, so that your consultation is not deemed abandoned.

Rebooking – Rescheduling – Missed Appointments:  Thank you for being punctual as all clients are seen at booked times. If you need to cancel and rebook, we ask that you give us 48 hours notice. If an appointment is missed with no notice, your fee is not refundable, and can be used towards a new consultation date only if rebooked within the next 10 days.  

Refund: There is no refund for consultation fees paid for any reason. Missed appointments rebooked within 10 days will have today’s deposit applied to the new consultation, and after 10 days full consultation fees will apply.

Credit Policy: today’s consultation fee will be credited against cases where clients retain within 7 days of your consultation.

Retaining: Today’s consultation is at a discounted hourly rate to assess eligibility. If I choose to retain FWIS, the time in today’s meeting review and preparation become part of my account overall billable time at current hourly rates under a Service Agreement, and the content of information become part of my file.

Truthful Complete Disclosure: I agree to provide complete and truthful information and genuine documents at all times.

Confidentiality: All information provided by you is private and confidential, and held in complete confidence: we represent you and your best interests.

How to pay us :  In-office meetings can be paid in advance, or in office using credit, debit cards, or cash.   

Interac eTransfers: from a Canadian bank, Interac email funds can be sent to :  david@immigrationservices.ca 

or via Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, or American Express via our website payment page.