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Counselling & Advising

We can also assist you in perfecting an application that you have started, and help you with problems on an application that you are having difficulty with that is already in process.

Competitive Pricing, Superior Service

You may wish to retain Mr. Ferreira-Wells and his staff to answer detailed questions about the immigration process or discuss options in greater detail that relate to your particular circumstances. We can coach you on other Immigration and Citizenship matters: review forms, supporting documents and submissions you prepared and wish to submit yourself, coach you in preparation for skilled worker or family sponsorship interviews. We can also help repair or minimize problems (correcting errors and omissions, adding a family member, updating your applications in process to reflect changes in circumstances, responding to challenges from a visa officer, etc.) with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada IRCC (formerly Citizenship and Immigration Canada CIC) on an application that is already in process.

Here is a small selection from our many thank-you letters.

“They show a genuine interest in you as a person and not just an immigration case.”

Michelle C