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Agent Inquiries

We welcome new international partners who wish to refer clients from their part of the world. Our referral commission is based on a number of factors, including how many clients you will be referring, and your level of participation in the work. It is not a prerequisite that you have any immigration work experience, or that you become directly involved in the details of processing the client applications. While we prefer to handle everything for the clients directly, you may participate in some parts of the work after we have screened and accepted the client, based on your level of interest and experience.

We will provide you with guidance and direction, and can assure you of being treated with respect. We do everything we can to simplify every process for your clients: from the early stages of compiling a successful application, through to their receiving their immigrant visa.

We are always interested in hearing from new potential agents, and we look forward to being able to work together in a mutually beneficial partnership.

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    Currently not accepting new agents.

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    Here is a small selection from our many thank-you letters.

    “Your company’s website reads ‘We Help Make Canada Your Home’ and that you did, you made Canada my home and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

    Argin N