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Dependant Family Class Assessment Form

    Contact Information

    Name of Canadian citizen or Canadian Permanent Resident (Sponsor):

    Date of birth (day/month/year):

    Name(s) of dependant child being sponsored:

    Age of child being sponsored:

    Relationship to sponsor:

    Email address:

    Telephone number:

    Fax number:

    What is your marital status?

    If you are not sure, please describe your situation:

    * Common-law Definition: have a partner of either sex who you are living with and have lived with for at least one year in an physically intimate relationship.

    ** Conjugal Partner Definition: in a conjugal relationship of at least a year with a Canadian or Canadian Permanent Resident partner of either sex, but have not lived together for a total of twelve months.

    Information about The Sponsor (Canadian or Canadian Permanent Resident)

    Are you a Canadian citizen or a Canadian Permanent Resident?

    Where are you living now?

    If you chose "Other country" when do you expect to return permanently to Canada?

    Are you receiving social assistance or welfare?

    Have you currently, or in the past, declared bankruptcy?

    Have you paid all required support payments to your former spouse or children?

    *If neither of you are a Canadian or a Canadian Permanent Resident you do not qualify under this class. Please refer to the information on the Economic Class applications.

    Have you previously sponsored anyone? Or co-signed a sponsorship with a spouse or partner?

    If Yes, did they or their family members receive welfare or social assistance during the time you were legally responsible for their support?

    Do you owe the Immigration Department any money?

    Is the Canadian government attempting to revoke your citizenship?

    Are you the subject of an immigration report on inadmissibility?

    Has the Canadian government ordered you to leave Canada?

    Are you currently detained in a jail, prison, penitentiary or reformatory?

    In the past five years, have you been convicted of a crime against one of your family members?

    Have you been charged with anything under Canadian Federal law?

    Sponsor's annual income:

    If there is anything you think may affect your qualifications to sponsor that we have not asked about or you have concerns about, please note them here:

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