How to Write a Compelling Submission Letter Immigration Tips

How to Write a Compelling Submission Letter

Details are Crucial

Your Submission Letter serves as a comprehensive summary that highlights key aspects of your application, provides additional context, and explains essential points to the immigration officer assessing the case. It should help immigration officers quickly understand the your qualifications, reasons for applying, and any unique circumstances that may impact the decision.

It is important to provide details that recap the highlights of your application, describe how you qualify in law, quote the relevant sections of the Act as authority, and explain any unusual or extenuating circumstances that pertain to your case so that the visa officer will be able to have a grasp of the salient points quickly.

For Family Class sponsorships, the visa officer should be able to see clearly the bona fides (genuineness) of the relationship. For Economic Classes (independent immigrant applicants) the Immigration officer will be looking closely at your work experience, and if it places within the top tiers of the National Occupation Classification system – TEER 0, 1, 2 or 3 used to qualify applicants. Your submission must outline how you qualify under the law, and your work experience must be properly described to match one of the qualifying occupations.

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