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Ferreira-Wells Immigration Reviews

Ferreira-Wells Immigration Reviews & Client Testimonials

Here is a small selection from our many thank-you letters.

Before I submitted the permanent residency sponsorship application for my partner, I had always assumed that people who held positions of authority in embassies would be subject to a code of honesty and fairness. As a lawyer I have an expectation that those who have legal authority and who hold the public trust should meet these minimum requirements. I assumed all I needed to do was make sure all the application paperwork was in order, accurate and on time and we’d be good to go (we had a strong case: a 3-1/2 year relationship complete with joint property ownership, joint bank accounts, family and friends testimonials, and so on). I felt once the consulate staff who reviewed our file saw everything, there would be no doubt we would meet the criteria for sponsorship approval. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I attended the interview and was brought in separately, after my partner. I will never forget the open hostility, disdain and prejudice that I was subjected to (and as I found out afterward, my partner as well). I was filled with rage, but also disbelief as I couldn’t believe this could happen, no less under the authority of the Canadian government.

Our file, strong or not, simply didn’t matter to the interviewer, as her mind was already made up against us. I know that if we didn’t have Ferreira-Wells working for us and on our side we would have failed. Each one of their team played a role in turning this dreadful situation around, and quickly. First, we benefitted from detail and care put into our application and file by Claudia and Gus. No objective person could dismiss it as anything less than a rock-solid file. Second, we received direction and advice from Bruce that proved to be critical (how to deal with the interview, and what to do in case things didn’t go well). Third, and something for which we will be forever grateful, we had the support, care and concern of David. After we left the embassy we contacted Ferreira-Wells and they immediately sprung into action. Although we were over 10 hours ahead of Toronto time, we were getting emails from David at what was his 2:30 a.m. and on through the early morning hours and into the next day. He drafted a plan and response that within 18 hours turned everything around. If it weren’t for this dedication to our case, and if not for the experience and expertise that the Ferreira-Wells team possessed, it would not have been possible to have what happened occur. The embassy would have ignored our protests, but they couldn’t ignore David because he knew what to say and who to say it to. As I write this my partner, now my husband, is sitting a few feet away from me smiling. Thank you, Ferreira-Wells.

– KK & CS, Toronto



WOW…What a result! I wanted to extend to you all, my deepest heartfelt gratitude for making my family’s dream come true.

Everyone knows what a huge task it can be, to navigate through the bureaucracy, paper work, intimidating interviews and all of the many hurdles that come with applying for residency here in Canada.

Upon finding Ferreira-Wells Immigration Services, my wife Maria….who is a Canadian and I opened up discussions with your firm, with the view to employing you as our medium for packaging my permanent residency application. Our initial sit down interview was performed by Bruce, who immediately made us feel like we were in the best hands possible to make this mountainous task succeed. We didn’t need convincing…..This guy knew his way around the immigration process and having been in consultation with other such like agencies, we felt the difference in calibre. Ferreira-Wells stood out as an ethical professional outfit, dedicated to assisting people realize these residency and citizenship goals. A company devoted to consulting on individual circumstances, tailor made packaging of the application documents required for the process….leaving no stone un-turned. We were given an estimate of between 8 and 9 months for the application to reach completion… And what do you know, 8 months and 22 days later, we received that magical letter through the post. I remember not being overly excited to receive the confirmation. I had no doubt that the application would be approved, as we had every confidence in Ferreira-Well and the “Team”.

Claudia.. You are AWESOME! We love you. You are fantastic. Maria and I will never forget what you have done for us, the many e-mails back and forth, the professional attitude you gave us through our application, getting all those documents aligned, etc.

David…Truly a SUPER GUY….! Great sense of humour and a total professional. An absolute pleasure to have met you.

Bruce…WOW…What more can we say. You guys get our vote any day.

Thank you so much for your integrity, honesty and guidance. When all is said and done……A JOB WELL DONE ALL ROUND

Thanks for everything; you are a blessing to those who need your service.

– Best regards from my son Justin, my wife Maria and from me of course, Clive



Every day I have with my husband is partly thanks to you.

If it hadn’t been for the (very) hardworking folk at Ferreira-Wells, the above picture would never have happened. Your counsel and support took us through one of the most difficult times of our lives. You helped us avoid the legal pitfalls, the mistakes folk like us make when we try and negotiate the wilderness of bureaucracy. You stuck with us when things went wrong, you fought for us when they raised the inevitable objections of a government entity not quite certain how to handle relationships of the digital age. They turned us down, and you were ready to go another round with us. Another mound of paperwork for that increasingly vast file.

And then…they changed their minds. Why? Who knows? A miracle, in any case, and one that I can’t help but think we might not have had if we hadn’t had your support.

We’re happily married now, and finally, finally the two of us get to spend our days together like an honest-to-goodness real couple. Sometimes, when we tell our story, a listener will pipe in and say” I know someone who’s trying to do that same thing right now!”

“Call Ferreira-Wells” is the first thing out of my mouth. I write it down and hand it to the hopeful. I don’t know if any of them ever get round to calling you…but I know if they do they’ll be in good hands.

Thanks, everybody, and especially to David, who we worked with most. We hope you’ll make many, many others as happy as we are in the years to come.

– Mark & Lynette, U.S.A.



We just wanted to express our deepest and most heartfelt gratitude for all your hard work and dedication on our behalf. Your compassion and great dedication to our case was truly outstanding. Your guidance and friendship was invaluable and your professionalism flawless. You were there through all of it, whether we needed moral support and strength or communication with immigration authorities you never failed to step up to the task 100% at a moment’s notice. We definitely couldn’t have done it without you. You gave us back our lives, kept our family intact, and we can never ever thank you enough. Through it all you became our cherished friends. With love and eternal gratitude,

– Susan and Daniel I., Indonesia



During our long refugee case, you were always patient with our many worried questions and hours of working on our file submissions, preparing us for our hearing, and then waiting for the decision from the Immigration Refugee Board. I thought I would faint the day when you called us and told us we were approved. My wife and I both had tears in our eyes. Thanks God we found you. We are so happy now in Canada. We are safe, and our children are safe. Nothing else matters.

– Nassir M., Syria.



Thank you for taking over our file, and winning the appeal case for us. More importantly, thank you for caring. We were feeling very fragile when we came to you, as we had been given so much bad advice from our former counsel, who were never available when we called. We had just about given up and lost faith and hope. You were always available when we needed you, and my parents are now here with us in Canada.

– Nadia F., Iran



Thank you for everything you have done for us, for believing in our case, and walking us through each step, and for seeing us with or without appointments, for your time whenever we needed it. Your environment was comfortable and we enjoyed the great photos you took of us, and the laughter we had. Thanks for the early Christmas present to you all, we are looking forward to our new happy future. With sincere gratitude for your kindness, your favourite clients.

– Carlos & Ana, Mexico



When you called me to tell me that my application was approved to come and live with my partner in Canada, I couldn’t believe it. Such things would be impossible in my country. Then when I found out that I was trapped here and unable to leave by Israel OR Egypt, I was very sad but you did not give up or stop on my case. Others would have said, our job is done. Through the days of your careful diplomacy with the Egyptian and Palestinian Authorities, you were able to negotiate my safe passage out to Canada. It was a hard journey, like a movie adventure, but I am here thanks to you. It is a miracle.

– Mustapha W., Palestine



To everyone at Ferreira-Wells, It has been a great journey with you, from the day I started the whole process of applying for my permanent residency to the day I successfully got it approved. Thanks for doing such a great job. I have no words to thank you enough. I am so glad I chose Ferreira-Wells Immigration to represent me, I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. A BIG THANK YOU for a job well done from day one, and I will recommend you to everyone.

– Nadeesha R., Sri Lanka



I am very glad to be one of your clients. Thank you so much for your support and caring on my case. God bless you all, from my heart.

– Marques S., Brazil



Professionals like you make all the difference, giving us great opportunities. Thank you for being more than professionals; you are our friends and family.

– Fern & Adriana S., Mexico



I believe that choosing Ferreira-Wells Immigration made the difference in my case. Bruce gave professional advice, with patience, a positive attitude and goal to succeed. Your staff demonstrated they are true professionals and always willing to help.

– Fernando T., Mexico



We could not have done it without you, and are very grateful for all your hard work, attention and warm and personalized service.

– Mich and Norm M., U.K.



When you meet Bruce Ferreira-Wells and his team, the first thing you notice that differentiates him from the many others out there is the fact they will only take on clients who they believe will succeed in the process. Maintaining these principles is, I believe, why they have earned their reputation and high success rates. Extremely professional and also very friendly.

– Jim E. & Jules M., U.K.



Thank you for all the hard and professional work you did for us. You helped us make our dreams come true. Thanks a million!

– Alfred A. & Memo S., Gaza



Thank you for all your efforts; it will be my pleasure to recommend you to my friends who want to immigrate.

– Suresh K., India


Thank you very much for helping me through the whole immigration process with kindness. I really do appreciate your hard work.

– Chungsik K., Korea



Thank you for your help. It was a long journey but we did it and we are glad we used your services.

– Jason P. & Sasha T., Croatia



To His Highness, Mr. Bruce Ferreira-Wells. The President

– written on an envelope of a thank-you card from one of our more straight-laced clients



After careful thought we decided to put our trust in you. Your hard working team spent hours preparing and piecing together our case. It was worth the wait. We will definitely recommend your services.

  • Gerald C. & Luis T., Costa Rica