How to Stand Out in the Express Entry Process

Standing out amidst a sea of applicants can be daunting.

How do you get IRCC’s attention and get chosen out of a hundred thousand prospects who will be applying all at once in the new Express Entry process? The initial application and, if invited, the full application later on require two completely different focuses.

The first round, the Express Entry application, requires you to know all of the details of which program you qualify in first, and then the selection criteria that will rank you against your peers. It is your first and only chance to package and market yourself, and understand what steps you can do (such as the Job Bank and Job Matching feature) to increase your ranking score. And, in this round, one innocent error or misstatement can be seen as “ misrepresentation “ by CIC, and see you disqualified, banned for 5 years from applying – and potentially visiting – to Canada.

If you are invited to apply and submit a complete application, you are on a clock: you have 60 days to submit a perfect and complete application. To be successful, it is important that you know how to interpret what is requested and required on the many forms needed, and know how to complete them properly.

There often are hundreds of answers that must be correct on all the multiple sets of forms and countless technicalities that can slow your case down or stop it completely if your application is not correctly completed.

Because of the complexity of the process and the wide discretionary powers enjoyed by immigration officers, the forms are all-important. For example, you can file your application and not know its status for a very long period of time. Immigration officials don’t say what is missing or in error until the application is finally being screened, and that is often many months after you sent the application in.

The importance of working with someone who knows the entire process from beginning to end, along with all the different forms intimately, and how to fill them out correctly cannot be over-emphasized. It is not simply a matter of an intelligent person following their common sense. Too many intelligent people make that mistake and it costs them dearly in time lost. An intelligent person might read the forms and intelligently misinterpret them. If the file gets referred on for interview, this could slow down your application considerably. You could be challenged by the immigration officer for making a misrepresentation or omitting important information that is material to their decision, and if they deem the omission to be intentional, may bar you from Canada for five years.


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