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Canadian Work Permits & Work Visas for Temporary Foreign Workers

We can help you in getting the necessary Canadian Work Permits, HRSDC authorization or NAFTA Work Permit after you have found an employer who wants to make you a job offer. Those born in the U.S. or Mexico may be exempt from the HRSDC process under NAFTA, and we will assess this when working with you. Please note we do not find jobs for applicants. We assist with all of the Immigration work after the applicant has been in contact with an employer directly. and has been made a job offer.

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The Work Permit process is often misunderstood by potential applicants, as they think that a third party can find jobs for foreign nationals and get them Work Permits, or that they can arrive as visitors and automatically ‘upgrade’ to a work permit, and that is not realistic at all.

Canada Immigration does not usually offer open work permits, allowing you (the foreign national) to work anywhere. They are always employer specific, tied to you and one employer who you have approached and that the employer has offered a job that they could not fill with a Canadian candidate. These positions of course by nature must be reasonably technical and highly skilled (in the O, A or B band of the National Classification of Occupations), and you as the candidate having the required education to support the position.

Applicants may only want to work temporarily in Canada, and others who have already applied to Canada Immigration as Skilled Workers, will benefit from the additional points that are often critical to the success of their application. Not every occupation will qualify for a Work Permit, so please feel free to complete the Temporary Work Permit Class Assessment Form.

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