Avoiding Myths about the Immigration Process

Be wary of false information.

Myths, old wives tales from well-intended friends and former immigrants can set you on the wrong path.

There are so many myths about immigration process that are based on old, outdated programs and lists as well as rumors, immigration blogs, message boards and YouTube videos full of hearsay and half-truths. Well-intended friends and colleagues, former immigrants landed years ago under programs that no longer exist, and media rumors can send you running in the wrong direction. Even the IRCC Call Centre’s information can vary from call to call. If they misunderstand your question, you may be providing you with incomplete or wrong information that can cost you dearly.

Gone are the days when you can just sit around the kitchen table with what you hope is the right website or forms or simply rely on a well-intended friend. You will want to know from the start if you meet the requirements and qualify under the latest programs offered from IRCC to be able to make a successful application. If there are any major obstacles, or things you can do to better your chances, you’d want to know that up front before you get your hopes up prematurely and invest your hard-earned money in the process. You may waste years of your life in delays that could have been avoided.

Getting it close doesn’t count in complex immigration law. Find out if you qualify. Call or email us for a detailed consultation. You’ll get honest feedback before you part with any money. If you qualify, we’d love to welcome you as a client and be of service to you in this.

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