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Immigration Fraud Alert

Immigration Fraud Victim Alert! Beware of Immigration Fraud – Copycat fake company

Immigration Fraud Victim Alert!

A copycat fake company is using our name in Nigeria and elsewhere. They have stolen our identity – company name posing as us. They are selling programs that do not exist, and worthless paper visas, as we have seen in the many complaints from their victims.

Check their emails and address, compared to our contact details listed here on our website. They have altered address and phone numbers ever so slightly, and are using WhatsApp which we do not use. They have copied everything except our good name.

One scammer even registered http://ferreirawells.com has copied the main part of our company name, and registered this domain. We asked to have it delisted and removed. Have nothing to do with http://ferreirawells.com, or pay them any money. They are not a genuine company.

Beware! Every dollar you pay or have already paid them is truly lost. The visa you get will be a worthless fake.

One man even told us in tears he sold his car, and gave the money to the local person … never to be seen again.

There is only one Ferreira-Wells in the world, named after our founder Bruce Ferreira-Wells, and that is us, here at our offices in Toronto Canada!

If you have paid them any money, you will need to ask local police, authorities and Canadian Immigration Officials to help you in this!

We urge you to report this to the local police and authorities, and to the local Canadian Immigration officials at the Canadian Embassy, and strongly consider referring the matter to a lawyer near you as well to demand they return all monies paid to you. Tell ALL of your friends not to deal with these fraud scammers. You have been cheated!

Immigration Fraud Alert related to Job Offers, Work Permits and LMIAs: if you were looking for a Work Permit, job offers, proceed with extreme caution – this is where the highest amount of fraud happens worldwide.

Beware of immigration firms that say they can find you employment and get you a job offer, Work Permit and LMIA. Virtually none of the offers are genuine.

There is an extremely high degree of fraud in this area of immigration practice, you may be taken advantage of and lose all your money.

This does not automatically mean that you are not eligible for immigration. If you want to see if you are really eligible for immigration to Canada, please call us at 1-416-651-8889 Mondays to Fridays 9 am to 5 pm Eastern, or email us at info@immigrationservices.ca.

Thanks for your vigilance and caution in not using the copycat fraudsters!

Alert! Beware of Immigration Fraud – Identity theft

Fraud artist selling fake visas for programs that do not exist

A note of caution to all International candidates. There is an individual operating overseas who has stolen our identity and poses as our senior staff counsel Bruce Ferreira-Wells, claiming to be working out of the UK for a company called PRN Recruitment and advertising on websites such as Alibaba.com for work permits and other immigration visas, often for low skilled general labour that all sound too good to be true. The sad truth is, they are. The programs he advertises do not exist. The fraud artist shows clients a scan of his fake UK passport and business license for PRN to build confidence. Requests are made to wire money via Western Union. He uses untraceable cellphone numbers, eluding authorities.

Innocent people from the Philippines, India, and several other countries have already been duped by him. They send large sums of money, and forward their passport, and receive a fake visa stamp in return.

Please be alert! If you are emailing or calling someone who identifies themselves as us, using an address, phone number, email or website different than that of our offices in Toronto Canada, asking you to wire them money via Western Union, you are about to be the victim of an immigration fraud scheme.

Alert! Beware of Immigration Fraud – Low pricing from ‘ghost’ unregulated consultants

Low priced immigration services alert: Do not be fooled by ads that quote you low fees that are too good to be true. They are often illegal agents that are not authorized to represent you to CIC, and the quality of their service is so low, you will discover they tell you you qualify when you don’t, and then discover  they are out of business when you contact them again for help.

Alert! Beware of Immigration Fraud – fraudulent job offers for sale by ‘ghost’ unregulated consultants

Immigration Fraud Alert related to Work Permits and Job Offers: Please note that if you are interested in getting a Work Permit, job finding services or job offers, proceed with caution! This is the area of immigration where the highest incident of fraud happens worldwide. Dishonest agents sell fake job offer letters, and tell you you can now immigrate with this worthless letter.

You cannot get a Work Permit without two prerequisites: you need first to have a job offer from a Canadian employer, and the employer needs to apply to Service Canada to get an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) a long complex (and fairly costly) process where they must offer a competitive wage, and have advertised for more than one month in a prescribed way, and make an application for the LMIA to prove they cannot find a Canadian for the job.

This usually requires that you have met the employer, and gained their trust first. The chance of getting a job offer and LMIA granted from an employer that you have never met is not very high. We are an immigration service, and can help you get the LMIA, work permit, and permanent residence, but we do not find you the employer or a job offer. Beware of immigration firms that say they can find you employment and get you a Work Permit (and the LMIA) – there is an extremely high degree of fraud in this area of immigration practice, and you may be taken advantage of and lose all your money. You have been forewarned!

Be careful. Literally all of the people who do this are not RCIC’s – regulated consultants who are authorized to represent you.