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Bruce Ferreira-Wells, B.A.

David LeBlanc

Claudia Tolea, B.A.

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David Joseph LeBlanc

Bruce Ferreira-Wells

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Bruce Ferreira-Wells, B.A.

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Bruce is the President, Director and Senior Counsellor of Ferreira-Wells Immigration Services Inc., and graduated from the University of Toronto. He worked for both the Ontario and Canadian Governments for a total of 18 years, most recently as a Canadian Immigration Officer, Immigration Counsellor, and Citizenship Officer. He left The Canadian Government in 1995 and established his immigration consulting practice which continues to grow and provide immigration guidance and assistance to thousands of clients worldwide.

He has been a Member of the Organization of Professional Immigration Consultants (OPIC) since 1996 and was elected to its Board of Directors in 2002, where he served on the Membership and Inland Committees, and represented OPIC at a recent CICIP meeting in Ottawa. He still actively serves the immigration consulting community. He has travelled widely to meet new clients and to present Immigration seminars in numerous cities from Moscow to Mexico City and volunteers monthly to assist people, pro bono, with immigration problems at a community centre in Toronto. In April 2004, he was among the first hundred registrants listed with the former regulatory body Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants, CSIC, and is now a member of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants CICC.

Bruce is also Director of TSCC #1475, Director of Ferreira Holdings Ltd., and past Director of Toronto Chinese Community Services Association and Toronto Chinese Endowment Fund.

On a personal level, Bruce was elected to the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto in 1995, where he spends his rare leisure time with the Canadian arts community.

David LeBlanc

David, our Managing Director and Senior Counsel, is a High Honors Graduate of Seneca College’s Immigration Practitioner Program, and a Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants. He has been in practice since 2002, having joined an already well established firm founded by Bruce Ferreira-Wells, a former CIC immigration and citizenship officer. In April 2004, he was among the first hundred registrants listed with the former regulatory body Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants – CSIC, and is now a member of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants – CICC.

David LeBlanc RCIC – IRB has been awarded the specialized Class L3 RCIC-IRB – Unrestricted Practice license, and is authorized to represent you for hearings and appeals before all immigration tribunals at:

  • The Refugee Protection Division (RPD)
  • The Refugee Appeal Division (RAD)
  • The Immigration Division (ID)
  • The Immigration Appeal Division (IAD)

He is a specialist in Family Sponsorship, Express Entry Economic Class, Business Class, Refugee, Humanitarian and Compassionate clients, Appeals, ADR, Admissibility Hearings, and immigration tribunals. He prepares all of our final submissions to Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada IRCC, and responds to all challenges from IRCC. A former banker and National Credit – Customer Service Manager with Fortune 500 corporations, David oversees our staff and daily business operations. He has taught classes at Seneca College in the Professional Practice Management module, and is a founding member of PeerHelp, The Immigration Consultant’s Listserv, a professional forum established in 2004 dedicated to the advancement of Canadian Immigration Consultant’s Continuing Professional Development. He gives back to the community and profession regularly, sharing his expertise in decades garnered in legal and credit management roles with colleagues one-on-one and as a keynote speaker at CAPIC’s annual conference, showing Counsel how they can balance the highest of ethical professional conduct and client relationships while protecting themselves from sharp clients.

David is well known among his peers for standing up publicly to a corrupt and abusive executive of the former regulator, and was  part of a larger group that brought Ministerial attention to the matter, resulting in a brand new regulator being appointed. He brings the same focus and energy to bear in his dealings with IRCC in championing our clients’ causes.

David is an avid portrait, travel and urban scene photographer, and has been a volunteer telephone crisis counselor with Distress Centres, family counselor with Survivor Support Program – helping families who have survived a suicide cope – and Big Brothers, where he taught his ‘little brother’ Brent how to ride BMX bikes. A world traveler, he was the past president of The Hemingway, an equity co-op for ten years, and oversaw its conversion to condominium. He is also a trained chef.

David was born in Montreal on Bastille Day, the National holiday of France, and one day he hopes to find himself in Paris on his birthday so he can see the fireworks and pretend they are for him.

Claudia Tolea, B.A.

Manager, Immigration Services

Claudia Tolea, our Manager, Immigration Services, has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Craiova University in Romania, and an Assistant Immigration Practitioner Certificate from CITA. Since 2001 Claudia has worked extensively in all areas of Canadian immigration, including status extensions, Humanitarian & Compassionate cases, Refugee claims, work and study permits, visitor visas, Pre-Removal Risk Assessments, Canadian citizenship and Permanent Resident Card, Live-in Caregiver, HRSDC applications, Sponsorships, Skilled worker and self-employed applications. Claudia began her career in immigration back home, working with a Canadian immigration lawyer. Her goal was to help people immigrate to Canada so they could enjoy a better life. This gave her the idea of doing the same for herself. She immigrated to Canada thinking that she might not be able to continue in the same field, and was happy to discover there was still a need for her services. Soon after arriving in Canada, she started working with a senior Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant for two years before joining our team.

Claudia enjoys being able to make people happy by helping them reunite with their beloved ones, listening to their tales of hardship, giving them advice and in the end, being an integral part in their journey to Canada. If she wasn’t already in the immigration field, Claudia would have loved to do community work as a way of making a meaningful contribution in a purposeful life. Claudia believes she is very fortunate to have a large wonderful family back home, and a great and supportive husband and young son in Canada.

David Greer, B.A.

Assistant Immigration Consultant

David Greer is a graduate of Herzing College’s Immigration Consultant diploma program, and has been a proud team member of Ferreira-Wells Immigration Services since 2014. A native of Nova Scotia, David earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in geography and history at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax before relocating to Toronto. Having the opportunity to meet acquaintances, friends and his partner from very diverse backgrounds, he decided to get involved in helping Canada’s cultural mosaic grow ever more vibrant, and to help bring people together.

David is thrilled to be a part of the Ferreira-Wells team, and enjoys his role in assisting clients in many stages along their immigration path from beginning to end.  In his spare time David is an avid gardener, enjoys cooking and entertaining with friends, and travel.

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