Counselling, Advising & Coaching Services

Considering a move to Canada?

Investing in professional expertise is the wisest choice for your journey. Our support includes refining ongoing immigration applications and resolving any issues you’re facing with existing submissions.

Here’s how we can assist you:


You may wish to retain Mr. Ferreira-Wells and his knowledgeable staff to answer detailed questions about the immigration process. We are also available to discuss options in greater detail pertaining to your particular immigration circumstances.


We can coach you on Immigration and Citizenship matters: review forms, supporting documents and submissions you prepared and wish to submit yourself. We will coach you in preparation for skilled worker or family sponsorship interviews.


We can help repair or minimize problems (correct errors and omissions, add a family member, update your applications in process to reflect changes in circumstances, respond to challenges from a visa officer, etc.) on an application that is already in process.

Why Hire Ferreira-Wells?

You’ve put in years of effort, especially if you’ve studied or worked in Canada at great cost. Maybe you’ve gathered lots of documents to prove relationships or faced a nerve-wracking letter from IRCC with a tight deadline. You’ve come to us at just the right time. We’re inviting you to a coaching session to give your IRCC application the best chance of success.

A recent ruling from the Federal Court decision affirms a trend we’ve observed for years: if errors occur in an application, the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) isn’t obliged to clarify the mistakes or offer guidance on how to rectify them, contrary to previous practices. Despite the IRCC’s website suggesting self-navigation without the need for legal representation, this hasn’t been accurate, especially given the increasingly intricate nature of immigration procedures nowadays. The court clarified that officers aren’t mandated, in terms of procedural fairness, to inform applicants about deficiencies or issues within their applications.

It is a common misconception that the guidance needed to navigate the often complex immigration process can only come from expensive lawyers and costly legal experts. This is simply not true. We benchmark ourselves with peers of equal experience and the highest reputation, and set our prices to be more competitive while always delivering the highest quality of service that is second to none.

We invite you to review the many glowing, positive reviews from our customers, to see that the hard work of a focused, passionate group of immigration experts (with over 20 years of experience!) is just as effective as the most expensive law firm.

The Process

Every coaching session begins with an initial detailed eligibility assessment. We uncover details that you would not have been aware of, often missed by less experienced counsel. There are often obstacles or legal impediments that disqualify you – either as a Sponsor or Applicant. Please be reassured that if there is any reason you will not qualify, we will not allow you to hire us, advise you on what can be done to overcome any challenges, and you will have saved your hard earned money, and not be taken advantage of.

You can then consider retaining us to be your counsel of record and have us represent you fully and respond to any challenges that arise from IRCC. Contact us to book your consultation in-office or via remote video conference.  Your consultation fee will be credited to you if you retain us within a week.  

Express Entry Clients 

In audits of new clients who made their own profiles in Express Entry over the past year, including some who recently received their ITA invitation to apply for permanent residence, we found mistakes in every self-submitted profile. These errors cost them essential eligibility points they could have claimed and also led to overestimations that could result in refusals due to misrepresentation and a potential 5-year bar.

It is for this reason that we accept all new clients in Express Entry only with very careful screening, especially if there has already been a refusal or file return. Almost all refusals in Express Entry are for small preventable technical errors.

That’s why we accept new clients in Express Entry only after very careful screening, especially if they’ve faced a refusal or had their file returned. Nearly all refusals in Express Entry stem from minor, avoidable technical mistakes. Rest assured, if you’re ineligible, we won’t take your money. We’ll guide you on overcoming challenges, saving your hard-earned cash, and preventing any exploitation.

Family Sponsorship of Spouses, Life Partners

When we reviewed new clients’ self-submitted sponsorships, we found that even tiny errors caused their files to be returned by IRCC. Sometimes, just one mistake led to the whole file being sent back without a full review. We identified form errors and missing documents that could result in the file being returned again, delayed due to interviews, or even refused because of misrepresentation, possibly resulting in a lifelong ban.

It is for this reason that we accept all new clients in Family Class sponsorship only with very careful screening, especially if there has already been a refusal or file return. Almost all refusals are for preventable or technical errors.

Procedural Fairness Letters – PFL, Challenges, Refusals, Appeals

Receiving the daunting “PFL” letter, filled with complex legal jargon and strict deadlines, can lead to stress and sleepless nights! Clients seek answers about what went wrong and whether it’s fixable. Swift and skilled handling can make arguments to prevent a refusal or avoid an Appeals Hearing at the Immigration Appeals Division (IAD).

Acting promptly is crucial; as soon as you face any challenge from IRCC, setting up an appointment with us is key. We’ll decipher the letter’s complexities and outline steps to address and alleviate the Immigration Officer’s concerns.