File Review Consultations with Ferreira-Wells

File Review Consultations

Filing Your Application Yourself?

File Review Consultations
Bruce Ferreira-Wells and Claudia Tolea with clients

Our File Review service has been designed for confident consumers who are highly adept at interpreting government forms and wish to do the majority of work on their own, but don’t want to take any unnecessary chances. We review the work you have done with a fine tooth comb during your visit to our offices, looking for errors and omissions that will cause delays (and potentially get the file referred for an interview, adding considerably to the processing time) and providing you with direction to speed the application through to a positive assessment.

The file review and personal coaching includes an in-house appointment of 2 1/2 hours to allow us to go into the depth necessary. We also provide up to one full hour of follow-up telephone assistance to answer questions on how to respond to requests from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada IRCC (formerly Citizenship and Immigration Canada CIC). Most of our clients also call us back for a second appointment to help prepare them if they are called in for an Immigration Officer’s “marriage interview” in Family Class applications, where they are looking to test the bona-fides of the relationship, or to review the Skilled Worker’s background and experience, just so they have that extra peace of mind.

File Review Consultations

Please Note: Immigration applications are complex. File Reviews are not the best option, as there is so much unseen by expert counsel: most firms including us no longer offer them due to the errors that clients make after the meeting when they are home working on their own. Not every category or application lends itself to sending in a Do-It-Yourself application.  Especially for any file with a history of prior refusals, criminal or medical inadmissibility, sponsoring a conjugal partner, or any number of complex immigration considerations, we recommend our Counselling & Advising Services rather than a File Review.

Our hourly rate applies for the second appointment and for time over the additional hour of telephone support after your meeting with us (please note we include this service already if we are retained for our full service). Please call or email us and we will let you know what our current fees are. Please note payment for our services is due at the appointment, and can be made by Visa, MasterCard, Interac Debit, or cash; we do not accept personal cheques.

The review is usually done by Claudia, who has worked in Immigration for many years, and Bruce, the firm’s founder, a former Canada Immigration Officer, ICCRC and CAPIC Member, and former Director of the Organization of Professional Immigration Consultants.

Interested in a File Review?

Request or learn more about a file review at hourly rates.

Please call when you are ready to meet with us. We will set up an appointment that is convenient for all concerned. Because of the time needed at file review, the appointments usually start at 10 am, 1 pm or 3 pm during our Monday to Friday hours.

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