Why you should hire an immigration consultant.

Should I Hire an Immigration Consultant?

If you’re considering coming to Canada, you’re probably already aware of the possibility of hiring an Immigration Consultant. At first glance, people are often hesitant to hire an Immigration Consultant and opt out, due to the associated costs. This is often a regrettable choice as people underestimate the complexity of the immigration process. So how can an Immigration Consultant help?

Immigration Consultants and the Start-up Visas

For those coming to Canada on a Start-up Visa (SUV) to launch their business, there are a unique set of steps you will need to take in the immigration process.

For the SUV program, the immigration fees are charged per family, not per team. Each family application has different dynamics that can alter the process between immigration applicants within a team. Of particular concern is when the principal applicant of a family has or has had, a previous business or multiple current businesses. This requires the services of accountants to assist in creating the financial narrative document. A significant amount of time is taken to perform a detailed analysis so that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) can confirm that the net worth of the applicant has been obtained through legitimate means.

While every application is tied to a family unit rather than a business team, these applications still need to be coordinated. There are often 3 or 4 founders in a team, which means that this coordination process can be quite complicated. Without an Immigration Consultant, these dynamics create a lot of challenges to keep all members fully informed and in-line with the timing and presentation of documents with the others.

Why it’s Worth the Cost

As we have discussed, the process for immigrating to Canada on an SUV has some unique complexities that are best sorted through an Immigration Consultant. If you’re still questioning the price you pay for the service, here’s how the cost is determined:

Fees for an Immigration Consultant are based on the estimated time spent on an application and work involved, as well as the preparation and submission of both the work permits and immigration applications. Much of the cost is also associated with the assurance that you will be supported right until you are settled in Canada and beyond. This includes help with obtaining immigration visas, and receiving continual complimentary advice on various issues related to immigration status, living, working and studying in Canada.

How RGI Can Help

Roseview Global Incubator (RGI) is one of 40 business incubators approved to support or invest in international start-ups. RGI, which was founded in 2019, helps global entrepreneurs build, acquire, expand or invest in the Canadian marketplace.

Robert L Douglas CPA, CA | CEO

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